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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Institute is dedicated to developing core and applied technologies in the fields of advanced AI and robotics in order to overcome national challenges and social issues, help the citizens enjoy more comfortable, safer and healthier lives, while creating new values for the future society.

AI로봇연구소 메인미미지

AI·로봇연구소 오픈랩 (미리보는 미래)

"언택트시대 절호기회… 킬러콘텐츠로 VR·AR 키워야"

KIST "코로나19 실내방역, 자율주행 로봇에 맡기세요"

스스로 판단하고 움직이는 수술로봇 - 디지털 융합기술

수술용 로봇팔부터 축구하는 휴머노이드까지 총출동…국대급 로봇기술 한마당


'하드웨어로 펼치는 AI의 미래'...로보월드, 킨텍스서 개막


경찰도 환호했다는 그 기술… 치매 실종자 CCTV 수색 AI가 대신한다


이제는 의료·헬스케어도 ‘로봇’이 하는 시대


IEEE 로봇자동화위원회 2023 국제학술대회, 성공적으로 치러져(700여명 참석, 56개 세션에서 논문 359편 발표)


[아주경제 2023 GGGF-사전좌담회] AI석학들"한국형 진흥정책필요"



Center for Artificial Intelligence focuses on developing core and original technologies that are essential to connect human, thing, robot, and place altogether, create the hyperconnected space where the virtual world is barely indistinguishable from the real world, and provide human-friendly AI services. 

Center for Artificial Intelligence
Center for Intelligent & Interactive Robotics

Center for Intelligent & Interactive Robotics is dedicated to developing core technologies of robotics and systems that can provide physical/intelligent assistance and service to humans, while presenting future values and directions of robotics to the country and society based on intelligent robotics and robots-humans-environment interaction technologies. 

Center for Healthcare Robotics

Center for Healthcare Robotics of KIST is committed to developing more efficient and safer digital medical solutions based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and augmented reality (3D/VR/AR), robotics (Soft robot, Cobot, Microsurgery robot), etc. 



Advanced Integrated Intelligence for Identification

Construction of a social security platform for efficient and advanced identification of missing children and seniors suffering from dementia through intelligent analysis, prediction and tracking of multimodal biometric information obtained and established from real sites of incidents.


CAS-Surgery 4.0 : Target-selective fluorescence image guided micro surgical robots

Surgery 4.0 is an information-guided digital surgery, in which all the information about patient is collected, processed and presented to surgeon to decrease the time and cost, and improve the outcome. In this project, two essential technologies of the surgery 4.0, the advanced imaging and the advanced instrumentation, are developed.


Development of endoscopic catheter robot for epidural neuroplasty (Dr. Hujoon)

Dr. Hujoon is a teleoperated robot manipulating endoscopic catheter for epidural neuroplasty. Epidural neuroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure for treating herniated disk


Fundamentals for Robotic Platforms in Connected Active Space (CAS)

A CAS (Connected Active Space) is a future space in which users are supported by various IoT and robotic technologies. Those are connected to each other and provide intelligent and physical support to the users. In this project, we present the prototypes of the connected services in usual life which will be available in a near future.


Development of a Life-Care Robot for Supporting Dementia Patients

In this project, we develop a life-care robot for supporting dementia patients. Developing robotic care service for patients with mild dementia using robot AI technology can give an essential help for not only dementia patients but also their caregivers. 


Hyper-connected Extraordinary-intelligent Robotic avatar (HERO)

Development of the core technology for human-friendly robot services to support the safety, convenience and health of elderly households in an aging society

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