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Center for Intelligent & Interactive Robotics

Center for Intelligent & Interactive Robotics is dedicated to developing core technologies of robotics and systems that can provide physical/intelligent assistance and service to humans, while presenting future values and directions of robotics to the country and society based on intelligent robotics and robots-humans-environment interaction technologies. 


The Center has been carrying out R&D activities related to intelligent robotic platforms to support humans in the living space centering on the areas including AI robotics to facilitate the communication of humans with robots, virtual world, and remote world, interactive technologies between humans-robots, humans-computers, and humans-network-humans, and technologies for coexistent reality. 

It has been serving as the principal research institute in conducting a series of R&D projects including the R&D project on ‘human-centered interaction solution for the integration of real/virtual worlds’ and one on the development of robots and ICT-based disease control & prevention system to respond to pandemics’, and both of them were selected as Global Frontiers Project in 2020 and 2020, respectively. Based on the network-based humanoid technologies and intelligent robotics amassed while carrying out the R&D projects as listed above, it strives to become one of the world’s best research hubs for human-centered interaction solutions for the integration, communication, interaction, and cooperation of the reality and virtual/remote worlds as well as the relevant areas of intelligent service robotics. 

In the meantime, the Center has been conducting research on smart structures in robotics and technologies related to the robot behavior/expression, multimodal recognition, and AI that are required for more natural and seamless interactions between humans and robots as parts of the projects selected as the future leading convergence research programs by the government including ones titled as ‘Early detection of dementia for the elderly, and development of the treatment and patient care technology’ and ‘Development of humans-robots interaction technology for human care’. 



In this project, we develop a life-care robot for supporting dementia patients. Developing robotic care service for patients with mild dementia using robot AI technology can give an essential help for not only dementia patients but also their caregivers. Such robots that help daily lives of dementia patients, however, are not widely available yet and have still challenging problems. 

A CAS (Connected Active Space) is a future space in which users are supported by various IoT and robotic technologies. Those are connected to each other and provide intelligent and physical support to the users. In this project, we present the prototypes of the connected services in usual life which will be available in a near future.

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