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Jinwook Kim


책임연구원 (인공지능연구단)

Principal Researcher

Center for Artificial Intelligence

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Imaging Media Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology
2002 ~ Current, Principal Research Scientist

• Virtual reconstruction of fragmented pottery
Principal investigator of the research project to reassembly pottery fragments acquired by 3D scanning process and to reconstruct the original shape
• Artificial intelligence based sports coaching system
Principal investigator of the research project to provide AI based sports motion analysis system to assist Korean national bobsleigh and skeleton team
• 3D Printed Fabrication of Customized Sports Gear
Principal investigator of the research project for fast prototyping customized sports gears like insole and knee braces
• Tangible Sports System (
Principal investigator of the research project to develop VR based sports simulation system
• VirtualPhysics (
Author of C++ library for real-time multi-body dynamics simulation
Lead programmer of a project for developing NAVER, the modular VR framework
• Haptics in CAVE
developed hybrid (visual/haptic) simulation module for NAVER to integrate haptic devices with CAVE.
• DHX (International consortium on digital heritage exchange)
developed a network based peripheral device manager module and a multimedia data streaming module for NAVER


human motion analysis, human-computer interaction, deep learning for activity recognition

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