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Advanced Integrated Intelligence for Identification (AIID)

  • 프로젝트명(국문) : 실종아동등 신원확인을 위한 복합인지기술개발사업

  • 프로젝트명(영문) : Advanced Integrated Intelligence for Identification

  • Topics: Missing Children, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Face Recognition, Trajectory Tracking, Video Management System, DNA-based Age Simulation

  • 참여 연구원 : AI∙로봇연구소장 김익재(과제책임자) , 조정현, 최희승, 김학섭, 남기표, 박해솔

  • 연구기간 : 2018.07.23 ~ 2023.07.22

  • Contact : 과제책임자 김익재 ( ) , 실무책임자 최희승 ( )



This project aims to develop an advanced identification technology and a reliable video management system applicable to both first and long-term investigations in order to resolve social issues for the safe return of missing children and seniors with dementia.

With the rise in the amount of available data and the advancement of the artificial intelligence technology in recent years, cutting-edge information and communication technologies (ICT) such as person identity verification and video management system can be applied in practice with aims to resolve social problems that enables the safe return of missing children. The ultimate goal is to develop and substantiate core technologies that will provide an efficient and convenient platform for monitoring agents and investigators, thereby enhancing the overall quality of public safety services.



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