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Development of a Life-Care Robot for Supporting Dementia Patients

  • 프로젝트명(국문) : 치매환자 지원 라이프케어 로봇 개발

  • 프로젝트명(영문) : Development of a Life-Care Robot for Supporting Dementia Patients

  • Topics: # life-care robot # social interaction # long-term memory # adaptive user and task modeling # multi-modal perception # sensor fusion-based monitoring # socially affective robot behavior

  • 참여 연구원 : 박성기, 김창환, 김동환, 임윤섭, 남창주, 오윤선

  • 연구기간 : 2015.12.01 ~ 2021.11.30

  • Contact : 박성기( )



In this project, we develop a life-care robot for supporting dementia patients. Developing robotic care service for patients with mild dementia using robot AI technology can give an essential help for not only dementia patients but also their caregivers. Such robots that help daily lives of dementia patients, however, are not widely available yet and have still challenging problems.

Although deep neural networks have turned out to be an effective technology in a number of tasks like detection or classification, there still remains lots of problems to be solved including knowledge construction and representation, robot planning, social cognition, life-long learning, socially affective robot behavior and so on. We are carrying out research on these topics and integrating them for the AI-based life-care robot, MyBom, for supporting dementia patients.


#라이프케어 #로봇시스템

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