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Research centers of AIR


Center for Artificial Intelligence

Center for Artificial Intelligence focuses on developing core and original technologies that are essential to connect human, thing, robot, and place altogether, create the hyperconnected space where the virtual world is barely indistinguishable ......

Center for Intelligent & Interactive Robotics

Center for Intelligent & Interactive Robotics is dedicated to developing core technologies of robotics and systems that can provide physical/intelligent assistance and service to humans, while presenting future values and directions of robotics to the country and society based on intelligent robotics and robots-humans-environment interaction technologies. .

The Center has been carrying out R&D activities related to intelligent robotic platforms to support humans ....


Center for Healthcare Robotics

The desire to live longer and stay healthy is increasing along with the emergence of super-aged society and economic abundance. In order to meet such demand, the Center for Healthcare Robotics of KIST is committed to developing more efficient ...

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